Beer & Bread – Capstone Games, Multi-Use Card Game, Resouce Management Strategy Game, Head-to-Head, Brewing Beer & Baking Bread, Ages 10+, 2 Players, 30 Minute Playing Time

Price: $42.23
(as of Feb 24,2023 14:19:58 UTC – Details)

BEER & BREAD – Face off in the friendly rivalry between two villages that have dedicated themselves to the dual tradition of brewing beer and baking bread. With shared fields and resources, each of you must strive to harmonize your actions of harvesting, producing goods, and upgrading your abilities. Over the course of six years, between fruitful and dry years, you must attain an efficient balance between your production of beer and that of bread, because only then will you be able to take the victory. After the sixth year, you only score the coins collected from the type of good – beer or bread – for which you earned less. The village with the higher score wins. Beer & Bread is a multi-use card game that will draw you in with its beautiful artwork by Michael Menzel and engaging theme from designer Scott Almes. Its clever structure of alternating rounds will enchant you as it puts a fascinating twist on player interaction, card drafting, and resource management. Components Include: 30 Beer Cards, 30 Bread Cards, 1 Game Board, 84 Resource Tokens, 1 Year Marker, 1 Scoring Pad, 1 Windmill Token.
Brew beer and bake bread in this 2-player multi-use card game!
Game rounds alternate between Fruitful and Dry years, each with its own unique twist on gameplay.
Use cards to harvest resources, brew beer or bake bread, or to upgrade your own abilities.
A delightful resource management and card drafting game for 2 players ages 10 and up.


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