Brilliant Kids Toothbrush- For Boy Or Girl, Age 5-9 Years Old, Use When Adult Teeth Appear, Rounded Brush Head, Soft Micro Bristles Clean Entire Mouth, Children’s Dental Care, Royal Blue, 3 Brush Pack

Price: $28.49
(as of Feb 24,2023 19:16:57 UTC – Details)

“When kids brush teeth with the Brilliant Kids Toothbrush, the bathroom is filled with laughter, no fuss! When boys and girls ages 5-9 years old start seeing adult teeth replace baby teeth, they are the perfect age to use this extra soft toothbrush for kids.

Children need their first bristle toothbrush during Teeth Eruption And Development: when the very first baby teeth are seen coming through the gums. Food buildup, tartar, and plaque can remain in parts of the mouth: a one-sided toothbrush can’t reach everything, affecting oral health. Brilliant toothbrushes are tools to reach problem areas with their round brush head and over 12,000 soft micro bristles that clean all over at once: the teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks, aiding removal of cavity causing agents. The Brilliant Kids Toothbrush has a rounded brush head that allows brushing at the recommended 45-degree angle, no need for twisting the wrist. No kids toothpaste required, only water is necessary for brushing.

An effective kids soft toothbrush is necessary with 5-9 year old teeth and gums still growing and developing. The Brilliant Kids Toothbrush aids in bringing good oral care health. Brilliant offers 360 degree bristles for the whole family.”
The Kids Toothbrush is for use when adult teeth come in; This kid toothbrush is fun and easy for at home use and for travel; Children only need water to brush with, no kids toothpaste is required
The extra soft bristles and round brush head make Brilliant brushes a 360 degree all rounded toothbrush, enabling you to brush without the need to bend your wrist to reach a 45 degree angle
The Brilliant Kids Toothbrush makes a great birthday gift; stocking stuffer, prize or reward for your special kids because it cleans: teeth tongue, gums, and cheeks, a full mouth toothbrush
Your kid needs a super cleaning, plaque remover for teeth; The Brilliant Kids Toothbrush is just that, with over 12,000 bristles they get 10 times more bristles than flat, one-sided brushes


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