Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game | A Science Strategy Board Game About Punnett Squares, Heredity, and Gregor Mendel’s Pea Plants | Dice Drafting | 1-5 Players | Ages 14+ | Adult Board Games

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Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game is a worker-placement, dice drafting game for 1-5 players that plays in about 45-75 minutes. As research scientists in St. Thomas’ Abbey, where Gregor Mendel discovered modern genetics in the 19th century, you’re tasked with validating the genetic traits of your pea plants to score points. Rounds are centered around the dice draft, where Punnett squares and beautiful custom dice are used to determine which dominant and recessive genes are available for the next generation of plants. But you’ll have plenty of opportunities before and after each draft to pay resources and place workers to improve your chances. Manipulate Punnett Squares to increase your chances, or decrease other players’ chances, of specific phenotypes appearing. Upgrade your garden, determine your drafting order, purchase single-use Tool cards, and hire other members of the Abbey as powerful Assistants to increase your chances of winning. Money is tight in Genotype and every decision matters, so expect deep strategy and stiff competition in this Mendelian genetics game.
STRATEGICALLY COMPLEX – In this worker placement, dice drafting game, play as research scientists discovering genetics in a 19th-century abbey. Draft from a pool of dice to validate genetic traits. Ensure the traits you need are available by using worker placement actions to manipulate the dice roll. Employ a cunning strategy to claim the best actions and resources before your opponents.
WORKER PLACEMENT – Place workers to gain a number of advantages before the dice draft each round and block your opponents from taking those same actions. Hedge your bets by picking up tool cards and additional pea plants, or influence the draft directly by determining turn order, altering the Punnett Square calculations, and even purchasing additional dice slots.
HISTORICAL SCIENCE – In St Thomas’ Abbey in the 19th century, Gregor Mendel is credited with discovering modern genetics through his experiments on pea plants. Genotype brings science history to life with beautiful art and engaging, strategic gameplay. Recreate Mendel’s important achievements with a game that emulates his scientific research, and learn more with a 12-page Science Behind Genotype booklet, written and edited by a diverse team of Ph.D. doctors and scientists from around the globe.
CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED – Genotype is beloved by both gaming and educational communities. This educational strategy board game for adults has been reviewed by numerous board game media channels, educational blogs, and notable scientific magazines. It is a 2022 Mensa Select winner and an ATTA finalist, in addition to having a Meeple Mountain GOTY nomination and the Dice Tower Seal of Approval.
PLAYER COUNT AND GAME TIME – 1-5 players can play and each game takes 45-75 minutes to complete. Also included is a SOLO MODE for a unique, independent experience. Genotype is a family board game for gamers who love science, and goes great in a high school classroom or as a gift to teachers, scientists, doctors, or students.


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