Super Retro Video Game Console Built in 821 Classic Games 8 Bit HDMI Old School Plug and Play Childhood Eletronic Games Machine Support 2 Players Birthday Xmas Best Gifts for Kids and Adults

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Classic NES Retro Game ConsoleClassic NES Retro Game Console

plug and play game consoleplug and play game console

retro game consoleretro game console HDMI OUTPUT The picture is more HD than AV output The gaming experience is even better HD image display eyes don’t get tired


64M Memory Console with 60 Games + 512M Memory TF Card with 761 Games

The 8-bit NES built-in 821 classic childhood memory games are the second generation of upgraded versions, the number of classic games has increased, the picture quality is more high-definition, equipped with a wired controller, and the host is more responsive, bringing you a more comfortable and pleasant entertainment experience.


Retro Video Game ConsoleRetro Video Game Console

Retro Video Game ConsoleRetro Video Game Console

Super Retro Video Game ConsoleSuper Retro Video Game Console

An Entertainment Tool for Friends As Guests

Do you get bored when friends are visiting or partying because you don’t have good entertainment?

A Tool to Make Relationship Between Couples Better

Love him and do what he loves with him! Reliving his childhood memories with him is undoubtedly a very romantic thing.

Best Gift Suitable for All Ages

Classic games, childhood memories. The difficulty and fun of the game is not only suitable for children, but also for adults and the elderly.

game consolegame console

The Product Comes with A Complete Range of Accessories, And There Is No Need to Buy Anything Extra.

Charger *1

USB cable *1

HDMI cable *1

Controller *2

Game Console *1

TF Card *1

Instruction Manual *1

game consolegame console

Number of Games 64M memory console with 60 games + 512M memory TF card with 761 games Support Support HDMI output, AV output (with converter), CVB: 1080P TV Resolution 1080P Handle Comes with two wired handles, supports 2.4G wireless handle connection Power Supply Mode External USB Type-C 5V power supply (charger and cable included) Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Weight 1.15 LB Packaging Specifications 2.9*6.0*6.8 inch

Number of Games
821 Classic Games(512M Memory TF Card with 761 Games) 620 Classic Games

Output Mode

52 Inch Wire Handle 2.4G Wirless Handle

Preload 821 Classic Games – The video console built in 821 FC retro classic games(64M memory console with 60 games + 512M memory TF card with 761 games),Classic games not only suitable for kids and teenagers,but also adults can play. Including the competition, puzzle, sports, fighting, action, puzzles, shooting and other classic household games.Let him relive the wonderful childhood memories because of your love.
Support 1/2 player game console – The game console has a two-player mode, so that your relatives and friends are not bored in the guest party, allowing you to accompany your lover to do what he likes and close the relationship in the game. The single-player game allows you to enjoy a wonderful time alone.
With 2 Wired Handle – Provides two NE wire handsets, which do not require additional batteries. The 16-bit wired gamepad operates without delay, making the game experience smoother. At the same time support 2.4G wireless handle connection, give you a variety of choices!
HDMI Image Display TV Game Console – Comes with HDMI high-definition output cable, allowing you to enjoy the smooth experience brought by the large HD screen. 1080P HD game screen, so that you can clearly see the game screen from a long distance play, without blurring and eye fatigue.
Awesome Xmas Birthday Gifts for Children/Adults – The electronic game console can bring you to childhood memory. This is the perfect gift for Birthday and Christmas.Please contact us if you have any question for the product.


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